Teen Son Is Rejected Before Homecoming Dance…Then Mom Loses It When A Stranger Shows Up…

Every girl that Daniel asked to the homecoming dance turned him down. Daniel, 17, has Down syndrome and has always felt a little stigmatized by his peers. Kylie, a 10th grader, stepped up and asked Daniel to go to the dance with her. She said that she doesn’t think of kids with disabilities as being different.

She said she hopes that she will be able to make Daniel’s night a fun one. Tonya, Daniel’s mom, said she was stunned by Kylie’s gesture, she said it isn’t about Daniel’s disability, it is that Kylie didn’t see any disability. FOX5 Surprise Squad was also touched by Kylie’s gesture, so they came by before the dance to give out a night of unexpected surprises!

Take a look at this video

Daniel and Kylie were escorted to the dance in a Rolls Royce, and they walked on a red carpet! Seems like both Kylie and Daniel had a wonderful night! Share away, people!

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