Frustrated Mom Invents Shopping Cart That Helps Seniors And Special Needs Kids

Drew Ann Long has a special needs daughter and has difficulty managing her wheelchair, the shopping cart, and her two-year-old son when they go out to run errands. She wanted to find something that could help her manage it all so that everyone was happy and comfortable.

Long wanted to be able to include her daughter in every activity but without some help, it was becoming increasingly difficult.

She searched the internet and couldn’t find a single thing to help, so Long invented one on her own. She called it “Caroline’s Cart” and is an amazing invention that is changing lives around the world.

The cart can be used for senior citizens or children with special needs. Caroline’s Cart has a seat built into it so people can sit comfortably.

Long founded Parent Solution Group LLC and they worked on the design with the help of Technibilt.

With Caroline’s Cart, parents and caregivers can move around the grocery store without trying to maneuver both a wheelchair and a grocery cart through the narrow aisles.

The carts are now available at stores like Target, Kroger, Food Lion, Walmart, and more.

With over one million children in the United States that are disabled, these carts allow them to go shopping and participate in normal activities that otherwise would be difficult.

Long hopes that one day every store has Caroline’s Cart available for families with special needs children or seniors.

Watch the video to learn more about Caroline’s Cart.

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