Impatient Driver Gets Instant Karma After Recklessly Cutting Off Veteran Motorcyclists

While out on an escorted bike ride Project 22 / Ride for Vets bikers met a driver who was rude and reckless – then instant karma happened! You can tell that something had happened before the video started because when the video starts, the biker with the helmet cam is shaking his head ‘no.’

Clearly, the driver has places to go and isn’t willing to wait, so he decides that breaking the law is the way to go. But, the clueless driver had no idea that a motorcycle cop was one of the bikers! It is clear that the motorcycles are doing something – why this guy decided he had to race ahead like that is unthinkable.

Take a look at this video

He is lucky no one got hurt! He almost hit several of the bikers in his effort to get around them. Please don’t drive like this guy. In a car, you are safer than a person on a motorcycle.

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