Mom Follows Man Who Stole Her Wallet In Grocery Store And Gives Him A Choice That Makes Him Weep

While shopping in 2013 at a store in her hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma, Jessica Evans noticed her wallet was gone. Jessica, a mother or four and leader of a Christian outreach team at the First Christian Church remembered that a man had been standing close behind her.

She knew he was the one who had taken her wallet that had $27 inside. Jessica didn’t call the police or a store employee for help. She remained calm and found the man. She went up to him and said that she was going to give him a choice.

Jessica said his first option was that he would give her back her wallet, she would forgive him, and then she would pay for his groceries. His second option would be that she would call the police.

Jessica reminded him of a Bible scripture from Luke and said, “To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either.”

The man reached into his jacket and handed Jessica back her wallet. He apologized again and again. He told Jessica how desperate he was – he was broke and had kids. Jessica spent her $27 to pay for the man’s groceries which included crackers, milk, bread, and cheese. The man began to cry at the register.

The man told her that he would never forget what she did for him. He apologized and said he was embarrassed. Jessica told the Christian Post that she usually doesn’t carry cash, but she had just the right amount of cash that day to pay for the man’s groceries.

Jessica’s kindness at such a tense moment is something we all should aspire too!

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