Pregnant Mom Asks Daughter To “Walk Like Mommy Walks” – Her Imitation Is Hilariously Accurate

Toddlers are very observant. They notice everything! Some toddlers are very particular and like things to be a certain way. The little girl in this video has noticed that her mommy’s tummy is getting bigger for some time. The toddler is only 15-months old but is very perceptive. When her mom asks her “How does Momma walk?” the little girl replicates the pregnant mothers walk perfectly!

She leans back, puffs out her tummy, and then walks around! Spot. On. No one can help but laugh at how she struts around pretending to be pregnant like mommy! Dad even joins in on the fun! Wait until you see the expressions on the little girl’s face as she walks – wonder if her mom makes those faces! Priceless!

The little girl seems to be so proud that she had made everyone laugh! Thank you for sharing!

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