Son Plays Outside, Then Mom Gets Angry Note Saying He Should Be ‘Euthanized’

Four times a week, 13-year-old Max Begley goes to visit his grandmother. Karla, Max’s mom, has severe multiple sclerosis and Max is autistic. One day, as Max was outside playing at his grandmother’s house the family got a note. A disturbing and heartbreaking note signed but ‘One pissed off mother.’

In the note, this woman referred to Max using the R-word and said that he should be euthanized and his body parts donated to science. So, what is it exactly that ‘pissed’ off this woman? Was Max having fun? If she is a mother, I feel sorry for her children. She is exactly what is wrong with people today.

If you don’t have something nice to say – don’t say it. It is horrifying to think that this woman is raising children. We can only hope that her children are better human beings than she is.

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