Woman Spots Homeless Man In A Parking Lot, Then Sees Sign About His Dog In The Pound

A good, responsible pet owner will do just about anything to help their pet. Our pets are our furry children after all! One homeless man proved that he can be a good owner to his dog. Wilma Price met the homeless man, Patrick, in the parking lot at Wal-Mart in Huntsville, Texas. Patrick had spent two days in jail for trespassing..

While he was behind bars, his dog, Franklin was put in the pound. To get Franklin out would cost Patrick $120 – which he didn’t have. So, he found himself standing in the parking lot with a sign asking for help.

Price decided to give him a hand. She admitted in her post that she had never seen a sign asking for help like this one. At the time, she only had $8 in her wallet, but she told Patrick she would see what she could do.

After she posted his story and donations have poured in. Patrick and Franklin are back together! Franklin was shaking when he was first sprung from the shelter, but he was very (very) happy to see Patrick again.

Wilma wrote in her post that she could tell that Patrick loved his dog, he had a backpack with a bowl and toys for Franklin. Wilma said that Patrick tried to give her the extra money that had been collected, but she refused.

She said that Patrick needed to eat too. Please consider donating to help Patrick and Franklin, click here for more information. Follow Wilma on Facebook for updates.

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