This Is What Happens When You Park Your Car In Front Of A Fire Hydrant

You know you are not supposed to park next to a fire hydrant – right? I mean with all the paint and signage all around, you would think it would be easy to understand. But, not everyone pays that much attention. The City of Merced Fire Department of California posted a picture of what can happen if you park next to a fire hydrant and the fire department needs to use it.

This photo went viral in 2013, and it was necessary. A fire started at a nearby business, and the fire engineer was forced to put the hose through the car. The fire hose needs to be straight, one minor kink could diminish the water supply to about half, and it would severely hamper firefighting efforts.

The process is called hosing – and it won’t matter how expensive the car is, if it is blocking the hydrant, it will be hosed. You have been warned!

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