Widower Visits Deceased Wife’s Bench To Find A Mysterious Stranger Made A Change Without Asking

Betty and Bud Caldwell spent 56 wonderful years together. Sadly, Betty died just before her 80th birthday. Bud bought and dedicated a park bench to Betty, and he visited the bench every day. He left one penny and one daisy on the bench every time he visited. The gifts were a tribute to their favorite songs “Daisy a Day” and “Pennies From Heaven.”

During the winter of 2015, the ice and snow prevented Bud from visiting the bench in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Two male park employees noticed that the older man was unable to deliver his gifts and decided to do something about it. Bud had made it to the park. The walkway was covered over, and Bud was sitting in his car. The two park employees did one simple thing that meant the world to Bud.

It’s always the little things that mean the most, don’t you agree? After seeing this, Bud was brought to tears. Share this random act of kindness with everyone you know, people.

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