2-Year-Old Is Afraid Of The Dark, So Dad Creates His Own Prescription “Monster Spray”

Are your kids afraid of the dark? Do they think there is a monster in the closet or under the bed that is waiting to grab them when the lights go out? One dad from British Columbia has a daughter that is terrified of monsters and wasn’t able to sleep well at night. He came up with a plan to help her (and the rest of the family) get a good night’s sleep.

He went to a local pharmacy and came home with a prescription “Monster Spray.”

This special concoction is really powerful stuff, it can get rid about 120 monsters with one application!

And you can even get a refill if the monsters come back with their friends. Of course, there are different monster sprays for the different monster varieties.

If you have monsters with googly eyes or eyes that are crossed, you need a special blend and an appropriate bottle for them!

If the monsters in your house make the house smell bad, you will have to use an aromatherapy scented monster spray in your home.

You can’t trust even the cute, fluffy monsters that wear smiles!

You must not let that smile trick you! Fear not parents and children of the world, no matter what kind of monster infestation you have at your house – there is a spray you can get to handle the problem!

You can watch the video below to learn more about the monster spray phenomenon sweeping the globe!

Don’t forget to have a backup bottle on hand in case of emergency!

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