Bus Driver’s Note To Mom And Dad Goes Viral After What Children Did To Boy On Bus

New Jersey bus driver, Cindy Clausen, wrote a note to the parents of two of the children who ride her bus and her note has gone viral. The two students, Jorge and Annaliese, helped a disabled boy, Jackson, on the bus. Clausen wrote the note because she felt compelled to tell the parents how beautiful their children were – inside and out!

She said the level of compassion they showed could have only come from the home. The children had been raised with patience and guidance.

The children ask every day if they can sit with Jackson. Sometimes Jackson is sad when he gets on the bus, but as soon as he sees Annaliese, his face lights up!

On this day, the Jorge and Annaliese encourage Jackson to come sit with them, even though it is difficult for him to walk. When they got to school, Jorge carried Jackson’s backpack.

Clausen wrote that she knows that the parents already know how wonderful their children are but she wanted them to know that it shows!

Clausen’s note went viral, and many people have been singing the praises of the two students for their kind hearts.

On the Love What Matters Facebook page, one commenter wrote that she didn’t need her child to be the smartest, but she would love it if he were one of the kindest.

I must agree – this kind of behavior comes from home. Jorge and Annaliese have wonderful parents and are growing up to be compassionate young people. Thank you, Cindy, for noticing the good in these children!

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