Camera Catches Driver Getting Off Bus To Approach 2 Kids When She Realizes There’s No Adult

Young children need supervision at all times. They are curious and love to explore! A 5-year-old and her 1-year-old brother ended up wandering away from their babysitter and found themselves in the middle of the street – they had gone to look for a relative’s house. The babysitter must have been out of their mind with worry! Luckily the two were spotted by Jeannie Mitchell, a school bus driver.

It didn’t take more than a half a second for Mitchell to realize that the two youngsters had no adult supervision and her maternal instincts kicked in. The security cameras on her bus captured her every move. She got off the bus and started to talk to the kids. The two children were clearly shy and scared.

After getting in touch with the authorities, the children were returned safely to their parents. Superhero hiding in plain sight!

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