This Guy’s Attempt To Shoo An Enormous Spider Out With A Broom Ends In Total Disaster

You know the nursery rhyme about the itsy-bitsy spider and how it goes up the water spout – right? Well, that song is cute and everything, but most of us don’t think very fondly of spiders. A few people actually love arachnids, but really the majority of people think of them as pests and would rather not have to deal with them.

In Australia, some men were renovating a house when they encountered a not so itsy-bitsy spider. They stumbled across a huge huntsman spider. They tried to shoo it out using a broom, but the eight-legged creature wasn’t leaving without a fight! At the beginning the spider is on the ceiling but when it falls or jumps or launches itself from the ceiling the brave men scream and run off! Be ready!

The spider isn’t going to just stay on the ceiling – you have been warned! Good times!

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