Mom In Blue Notices How Day Care Worker Treats Her Daughter, So She Hands Her An Envelope…

Brittney Nichols takes her 2-year-old-daughter to Benton Preschool and Childcare every day. Brittney’s daughter was born premature and has a few special health concerns. But Brittney is confident that she is in good hands with daycare employee Christy Owens. Owens always greets Brittney and her daughter with joy. One Sunday, Brittney saw Owens walking to Church in a dress with her Bible under her arm.

It was then that Brittney found out that Owens didn’t have a car, she collected some donations from other parents of daycare children and the community to help fix that problem. Within just a few weeks, Brittney had collected enough money to buy Owens a used Chevy Cavalier. There was some leftover money that was used to enroll Owens into a driving class and for insurance. Watch the moment when Brittney gives Owens her car!

The reaction from Owens is just priceless! Share this heartwarming story with everyone you know!

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