Mom Says Goodbye To Blind 2-Year-Old Daughter Before Surgery Aiming To Give Her Sight

Many of us taken our sight and hearing for granted. If you were born with both, you don’t know what life is like without them. A reality check is often needed to make us understand how lucky we are. Sometimes children are born different. Nicolly Pereira was born blind – and she serves as a reminder to us all to be thankful for our sight. Nicolly’s mom started a fundraiser to try and change her little girl’s fate and raised $17,000.

They then traveled from their home in Brazil to a hospital in the United States so that doctors could help the now 2-year old Nicolly see for the first time. The video below is the magic moment. It is the moment when Nicolly gets to see her mom for the first time ever. It is a very emotional moment for everyone involved! Grab a tissue and watch!

This literally brought tears to my eyes, I’m just so happy everything is okay for them ? Share this beautiful story with everyone you know!

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