Twins Steal Bag Of Marshmallows From Pantry. But It’s Their Next Move That’s Going Viral

Dog videos. Cat videos. Baby videos! We love to watch our pets and children do just about anything. Who doesn’t like to hear a dog snore or watch a graceful cat look goofy when they don’t quite make a jump? Then there are babies! This video features twin babies! They have decided that they need some marshmallows.

Their dad is shooting the video and happily opens the bag so his little ones can enjoy. They soon start shoving the sweet treats in their mouths. I like how the one is so happy that he has a conversation with dad while eating! The hand and arm motions just show how excited he is to have his treat. The other twin is perfectly content just to eat the goodies in silence!

Take a look at this video!

Did you see how after finishing the plate, one twin eagerly asks dad for more marshmallows?! She picks up the plate and then looks at her dad and gestures for more!

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