When Magpie Fell From A Tree, She Had No Idea She Was Falling Into A Family Who Needed Her To Save Them

This is the story about a family and a magpie. The youngest child of the family ran over to see what had just crash landed in their backyard, it was a baby magpie who had fallen from a very high branch. The whole family looked for any signs of the bird’s family and found none, so they took the bird in and nursed it back to health.

The family decided to name the bird Penguin, but Penguin wasn’t aware that her new family was having a hard time.

A little while before Penguin came into their lives, the mother of the family, Sam, was in an accident and confined to a wheelchair.

Sam felt like she was a burden to her family and was very sad about her inability to be productive. Once Penguin came into the house, that all changed! Sam was in charge of taking care of Penguin, and slowly but surely, Penguin got better!

At the same time Penguin’s physical health improved, Sam’s mental health made a rebound too! Once Penguin was healthy enough to go back into the wild, the family tried to set her free – but Penguin always came right back home!

Penguin was a source of love, inspiration, and laughter to the family! Eventually, Sam got strong enough and was given a spot on the national kayaking team! Do you know what happened that same day? Penguin flew off and never returned. Penguin’s job was done, the family was whole again.

Watch the video below:

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