Lady At Walmart Overhears Wealthy Family Who Thinks They’re Entitled, Takes Immediate Action

If you can’t say something nice – you should shut your mouth! That isn’t quite how the quote from Bambi goes, but some people are really too rude and need a wake-up call. Lindsay Rae gave a snooty couple in front of her in line at Walmart that very call! The couple were making fun of a woman ahead of them in line.

The woman was struggling to control five small children (a mix of Hispanic and Caucasian), a cartful of items, and her government issued payment cards.

The rude couple whispered comments like “how many baby daddies does she have?” and “Wait till she takes out the food stamps.”

Lindsey stepped up and offered to help the struggling woman and found out that the woman was a new foster mom. The woman admitted to having never used the government issued card and wasn’t sure what to do.

Once Lindsey had helped the woman pack up and make her way out to the parking lot, she let the snooty couple have it. She told them that if it hadn’t been for that woman, those children would have no home to sleep in, that they had all just lost the right to be with their birth families and that bumbling woman had opened her heart and home to them.

Lindsey’s fellow customers voiced their support. You shouldn’t judge a person until you have walked in their shoes. Instead of slamming people and insulting them – we should help and support them. Share away, people.

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