Cruel Man tells Rescuer to Shut Down her Adoption Event, but She Didn’t Expect THIS…

For Sherri, founder of West Coast Animal Rescue shelter, keeping up the funds is a constant struggle — but she refuses to give up or euthanize the dogs.
Sherri not only owns and operates the West Coast Animal Rescue, but it’s the place she calls home; she lives in a garage on the kennel property. Whether the dogs she rescues are puppies or seniors, she considers the animals her family.
In the video below, Sherri enlists a camera crew to help make a fund-raiser video for her biggest adoption event ever. Little does she know, the crew is in on an incredible prank. Because she spends her life worrying about the fate of her rescued dogs, Sherri barely has the time to care of her own needs. Prank it FWD® is here to give this incredible owner of a struggling animal rescue the surprise of her life, and you’ll need to keep your box of tissues close…

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