Single Mom Is Upset When Police Tow Away Her Car, And Nothing Could Prepare Her For What They Did…

Police officers can impound someone’s car for a variety of reasons, and one of them is if the vehicle is reported stolen. This is exactly what happened to this woman from South Florida. Broward Sheriff’s Department notified her about the situation and they were about to tow away her 24-year-old Toyota Corolla. Of course she got very upset, but had no clue that she was right in the middle of a prank…

Coral Springs church in Margate, Fla. and all the members were behind this practical joke. They decided to surprise this deserving mother of two children with a new car, but first, they wanted to have a little fun with her. The moment she realized what is going on, she got overwhelmed with emotions, and burst into tears.

Such a heartwarming act, and this hardworking mother certainly deserved it.

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