Special Needs Girl Tries To Play With other Kids In A Pool, But They Shun Her. Then Dad Builds Her $17 Million Theme Park

There is no better way to cool-off during these hot summer days, then by the water. With so many pools and water parks all across the country, you would think there is a perfect place for everyone. But, unfortunately for Morgan Hartman, the situation was not so bright cause none of the parks suited her…

Morgan is a girl who has a severe cognitive and physical delay as well as a form of autism. Back in 2006, she and her father Gordon visited a place where she tried to play with other kids, but instead of engaging with her, they quickly left the pool. She could not understand, and her Dad felt awful. All he wanted was her daughter to interact with other kids. That is when he came up with an idea…

He began creating the world’s first “ultra-accessible theme park,” and in 2010 it was finally open. He named it after his beloved daughter and its cost was $17 million dollars. Here people who have special needs and people who don’t have special needs can come together and play.

This amazing Dad did a wonderful thing for his daughter and no just for her. Watch the video and tell us what you think about it. Don’t forget to SHARE with all your love ones.

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