Horse Began Trotting, Now Watch When The Music Changed – 18 Million People Were Floored!

Horses are really intelligent creatures. They can be trained to do all sorts of things. In the past, they were a major part of life. These days, they are mostly used for entertainment. While jousting might be a thing of the past, dressage is still a big thing among horse enthusiasts. Dressage involves training a horse to do all sorts of intricate moves, just like the one shown in the following video.

This video shows a performance by Andreas Helgstrand and his horse, Blue Hors Matine. From the beginning itself, the horse shows off some incredible moves. You can see just how well trained she is. I can’t imagine how long it look to train her like this, or what the man had to do to earn her trust like that. But seeing this performance, you can tell it was really worth it!

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