Firefighter had to use his convincing skills to rescue a dog and her puppies from a burning house

There is nothing scary like experiencing a house fire. In a matter of minutes, what you worked hard for can disappear. Things can even get out of hand if you happen to be in the burning house and you fail to get out of it as soon as it is necessary.

If you happen to have pets at home and the fire breaks out when you are not at home, the whole experience can be scarier. That is exactly what one family than lives in Commerce City, Colorado experienced. They were away when the fire broke and they almost lost everything.

When firefighter responded, a concerned neighbor informed them that there were some pets who were trapped in the house. They the firefighter rushed into the house, they rescued six puppies and the mama dog. Since the mama dog was not pleased when she saw strangers trying to snatch her puppies, she offered some resistance. Finally, Paul, one of the firefighters convinced her and the rescue was a successful one.

Though a lot of things were lost by the family, they were happy that their pets were alive. Well-wishers set up a fundraising to help them and as we speak, they are happy with their pets.

Kindly watch the clip below and learn more about the sweet rescue and don’t forget to SHARE with your Facebook friends!

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