Moments before being wheeled to the theatre, dad receives news about organ donor

Baby Braylee Frankford had severe and a missing gallbladder when she was born.

The only way to drain Braylee’s bile was to connect her stomach to the liver. Sadly, the baby’s condition worsened. Braylee’s skin becomes discolored and her body bloated.

The baby was taken to a Children’s Hospital in St.Loius. The doctors kept her in thehospitalsince she needed a liver transplant and was extremely ill. The waiting game for a liver donor began and there was no way of telling how long the baby girl would survive.

Barylee’s dad volunteered to donate his liver when the situation got worse. Just before he was wheeledinto the theatre, a miracle happened.

The doctors found a cadaveric liver from an adult. The liver was split between two children saving from the distressed father from the invasive procedure.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful and the little girl almost returned to her usual skin color. One year later, Braylee is 19 months old and happy.

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