Not even doctors expected them to survive when they were born, it’s a miracle 2 years later

We all face challenges in life, but Ruby Wirt and Sapphire have gone through a lot in life. To be precise, the 2-year-old twins have faced health challenges. Despite what they have gone through, they are always filled with sparkling joy.

When the two were born, the doctors gave them almost a zero chance of surviving. At birth, they weighted 1.5 and 1.2 pounds and were born at 24 weeks, hours prior to a legal abortion deadline which had been set.

Since their age and size was not enough, they had sepsis when they were born and a few days later, their intestines developed some perforation. That meant they had to undergo a series of surgeries and Caroline and Andy – their parents –were warned by doctors that the twins might not make it. That is how they ended up spending 5 months in the hospital.

In what can be regarded as a miracle, they both survived and their remarkable journey has been featured in the clip below.

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