Shark bites off woman’s arm and doctors reveal amazing news about her new hand

A young couple was on a vacation when things turned tragic.

Tiffany and her husband James were in Bahamas in June 2017 for a vacation. They decided to go snorkeling as the last stop in their cruise when the unthinkable happened.

Tiffany was attacked by a shark. She felt like she had bumped into something and came face to face with a shark. Her entire arm was in the shark’s mouth.

Tiffany struggled to get her hand out of the shark’s mouth and lost her forearm in the process.
Despite the accident, Tiffany’s attitude, optimism, and unwavering faith have marveled her doctors and strangers around her.

Thanks to advancement in prosthetic technology, Tiffany will get a new arm that allows her nerves to communicate with new prosthetic arm. Tiffany is practicing on how to use her new arm before it arrives. She is making quick recovery and has been an inspiration to many.

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