Internet forum finds home for shelter dog. The before and after pictures have Internet crying

When a Reddit user saw this lonely doggie in a shelter, she decided to share his picture with the world, hoping it would encourage someone to adopt him. The photo, in which the canine looks like some adorable cartoon character, had the following caption: “This little guy waiting for his new family to pick him up.” And that was it – the Internet’s heart just melted.
The woman wrote that the doggie’s name was Mack and that the “Pouty Hippo” could be adopted from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. As the Internet community is known to make great things happen when people act together, it’s no surprising that 7 days later, Mack the doggie featured in another post. This time he looked super happy in the picture, and it was announced that he had been adopted.
The doggie, whose joy shows on its radiant face, now has a new name – Frank The Tank. His loving owner created an Instagram account to mark the beginning of a brighter chapter of the doggo’s life. Oh, and for those who are concerned, Frank’s human writes “I will provide all the belly rubs and cuddles I possibly can”.

A woman saw this lonely doggie in a shelter and decided to share his picture with the world

The Internet community got together to help the dog and he was adopted

The transformation on the dog’s face is obvious!

His new owner adores him and the canine even has a four-legged buddy

The owner promises: “I will provide all the belly rubs and cuddles I possibly can”

People reacted, saying this story is just too cute:

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