Mailman Hears Crying from Inside The House. He Breaks Down The Door And Is Left In Shock

For many, mostly older people, mailman is like a friend who comes visiting once in a while. Over time they become fond of him and are more then happy when he pops by. This was just the case with a 94-year-old Alice Paschke and a mailman Josh Hefta.

Every time Josh would deliver mail to this old lady, she would offer him snacks and he would walk to her front door to leave her post so she wouldn’t be struggling. But, on one particular visit, something strange happened. It seemed like Alice was not home, Josh kept knocking for a few minutes, but there was no answer. He was just about to leave when he heard cries coming from inside the house….

The door was locked and he had to break in. Once inside he saw the poor lady lying on the floor. She was there for over 20 hours, completely helpless and her only hope was her mailman. She waited and her hero arrived.

Josh saved her life that day and was awarded with Postmaster General Award at the Minto Post Office which is the highest award a postal carrier can receive. Also his name was added to the Heroes Wall at the Postal Service headquarters in Washington, D.C. Although this old lady moved to a nursing home since then, they still see each other regularly.

Community is everything.

Community is everything.

Posted by Happiest Animals on Thursday, August 3, 2017

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