14 Unfortunate People Who Came Last In The Food Lottery

I don’t think there’s anything more upsetting than working yourself up to a delicious fast food treat, only to discover that you’ve been cheated. And I’m not talking something as simple as your fries being cold, I’m talking about biting into a double cheese burger and discovering that there’s no cheese. And no burger. Not even a pickle. Just bun. Here are 14 times that people have been cheated by their beloved fast food and it was just devastating.

1. When they said chocolate chip, I didn’t think they meant just one chip!

Imagine if you were feeling really heartbroken and decided to buy yourself a delicious tub of chocolate chip ice cream only to get this. Just add insult to injury, why don’t you?

2. There’s definitely only half a scoop. We did the math.

I can sense the false advertising lawyers getting excited from miles away.

3. I’ve heard of a double yolk, but no yolk at all?

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t eat the yolk, this is heaven. If you’re a yolk lover then you’ve just walked into your own personal hell.

4. But yellow’s the worst one!

I wouldn’t mind if it was all red or all purple but all yellow? That’s just evil.

5. How are you even meant to eat this? 

And more importantly, where’s the delicious chocolatey bit that you get at the bottom of every Cornetto? That’s the real loss here.

6. You know what, I don’t want any watermelon after all.

I feel like this was all an elaborate prank set up by some disgruntled watermelon farmers. They’re probably rubbing their hands with glee now that they know their evil scheme worked.

7. If an M&M has no chocolate, is it just an M?

This thing looks like it’d break your teeth, imagine finding this monstrosity in your bag of candy!

8. This is the most disappointing thing I’ve ever seen.

I really hope this wasn’t the only thing they had planned for breakfast because I’d be heartbroken.

9. What you see advertised and what you get are two completely different things

I guess this cranberry loaf should have just been called ‘loaf’.

10. Careful, this avocado might have a seed in it.

I mean, it might be small and hard to notice, but I’m sure there’s a seed in there somewhere.

11. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Maybe somebody just couldn’t finish their grocery shopping without the much needed help of a good white wine. But can you imagine getting this bottle without realising? That’s just heartbreaking!

12. This vending machine knows exactly what it did. And it doesn’t care.

This is the most perfectly unlucky thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Maybe somebody had broken a mirror, walked under a ladder and hung out with a pack of black cats before trying to use this machine.

13. Holy moly!

It looks like somebody just got into this loaf, ate the bits they wanted and decided to leave the rest for some poor unsuspecting soul.

14. This took some serious planning.

Imagine how much time someone must have taken cutting up individual cheese slices just for this. That’s a lot of effort for absolutely no reward, especially for the poor person who wants to eat the burger!

Have you ever had a fast food nightmare like this happen to you? Leave us a comment and tell us all about how heartbreaking it was! And while you’re at it, share this article with your friends and family, it’s your duty to warn them about these terrible things that lurk amongst their favourite comfort foods!

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