12 Examples That Show How Weird The Dating World Has Become.

There are hundreds of competing websites and apps nowadays which aim to make finding your perfect love match just a couple of clicks away, but many single people will argue that they seem to be doing the opposite, and are actually making dating harder. By looking at some of these examples, it is hard to argue with them.

Back in the day, a date used to be between two people who had actually met before, and didn’t involve cringeworthy lines on apps and websites. But nowadays the dating world is a mine field of creeps and weird activity.

So here is a list of 12 embarrassing examples of how strange the dating scene has now become. Be warned, some of these may force you to cringe.

1) You can’t fault this guys initiative, thats for sure.

He is saying no to the apps and websites and is taking things into his own hands. Fair play to him, however he could have at least got his date a drink!

I wonder how many people actually sat down with him and engaged on a date, without the comfort of hiding behind their phones.

2) The dreaded read receipts.

These things can be absolutely deadly. They show no remorse. Whoever came up with this idea is evil, thats a fact.

They create so many arguments, anxiety and broken hearts. This must have ended millions of relationships. It basically lets the other person know, that you can’t be bothered to reply to them, brutal.

3) There are no more brilliant “how we met stories”.

No longer do you bump into each other in the street and spill your coffee on your future love. Nor do you catch the same taxi accidentally. Nowadays everything is so much more digitalised and clinical.

The new stories to tell your children are going to be how you ‘superliked’ your kids parent and it all spiralled on from that point. Cringe.

4) Ive got meetings for the next 8 years, sorry.

Due to the fact that you now only know your dates through their online dating profile, which lets face it, are often exaggerated a little. You don’t actually know what your potential lover does with their life.

Therefore to avoid any awkward relationship ending conversations, you can juts pretend to be ridiculously busy anytime they suggest a meet up, problem solved.

5) A picture tells a thousand words.

Most of these apps are now pretty much all completely looks based. You are asked whether you like the person on the other end by either liking or disliking their picture.

Well some people have mastered the art of improving their looks based on a single image. Isn’t that why photoshop was invented?!

6) The bio says it all!

The bio is a chance for the potential dates to see a bit of what you are like. To gather your tone and see if you are funny or seem genuine.

Racheal has taken this to the extreme, being completely honest with what she is looking for through her bio. And it is hilarious, but unless you own some kind of chipotle based business, I’m not sure how you can help.

7) Everybody has become a fully trained and qualified CIA spy.

There is nothing we can’t find out with a quick Facebook or Google search nowadays. So given the fact that you don’t know much about your potential date other than what they have scribbled in their bio, you are bound to have a peak.

Although you know for a fact that they have definitely done the same to you. You must be careful what you let slip in conversation, as despite the fact that everybody in the world is now a stalker, nobody likes to be exposed as one. Its not a good look.

8) Its the small gestures that make the difference.

Grand romantic gestures are a thing of the past. No longer would you turn up at their house or place of work with a great big bunch of roses and some plane tickets.

Now just declaring the fact that you have deleted your dating app or even going “Facebook official” will do the trick! Easy.

9) Looks are now king.

Unfortunately for those who rely on their personality and wit to get themselves a date, the game is moving away from you.

Dating apps are now basically catalogs of pictures of men, which tell you nothing about the person itself. Back to the drawing board for some.

10) “Pick two”- if your lucky!

Most of the time you can only actually gather whether the person is good looking on these websites and apps so you must choose very carefully.

And as for the emotionally stable category, I’m not sure many people are nowadays without their phones in their hands, so good luck with that one.

11) Choose your target wisely.

This woman looks like she has picked the wrong target completely, yes he may be wealthy, but she could be waiting quite a long time on her payout. Unless she is planning to get creative.

She looks bored rigid, so maybe this time she has picked the wrong target. I warned you that it was a battlefield.

12) Its not all fairy tale stories.

This all derives from Disney and how they portray every single love story in every one of their films and how they always end up working out perfectly.

They failed to mention the ignored read messages, the fake profiles on dating sites and the breakups and divorce down the line. Be careful out there!

If you like this article please feel free to share it with your friends and family, especially if they have any strange dating stories themselves. Let us know yours in the comments too.

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