15 Things You Were Taught In School That Were Actually Lies.

When we were younger in school, we took any older persons word as gospel. And if it came from a teacher then there was no way we weren’t believing it, it was their job to teach us for crying out loud! Why would they want to lie to us?! But believe it or not, they did lie, about certain things. And we have compiled a list to route out all of the things they taught us that are not exactly truthful which you may well still believe to this day!

We were told such things like, “humans only ever use 10% of their brains”, and “75% of the earths surface is covered by water”. However many of these facts were exaggerated and we have uncovered the truths behind what we were taught as kids. So read on for our list of 15 things we were lied to about.

1) The evolution of humans.

The photograph below is widely recognised at the picture of the evolution of human beings. It is said that the crouching ape at the start of the picture has developed over millenniums, in to the standing man. However this is not entirely the trust. Contrary to what your history and science teachers told you.

Apes and humans actually developed from a common and similar species. Granted we are 99% relatable to apes, but did not actually develop from them completely.

2) The classic tale of Isaac Newton and how he discovered gravity.

We were all taught the story when we were in physics class, about the apple which fell from the tree and on to Isaac Newtons head, and he then went on to discover the theory of gravity. Well this is actually just a story he used to simplify his incredible discovery.

He actually spent well over 2 years working on his theory of universal gravity, so despite the story being brilliant and explanatory of his theory, it sadly did not take place.

3) Why the Pilgrims actually went to America.

It is often said that the pilgrims went over to America for pure freedom. And this is what we were taught in schools up and down the country. However this is not the whole story. They actually left England as they were trying to separate themselves from the church.

It is also often disregarded that they actually went to the Netherlands where the separatists had complete religious freedom. But they then moved over to America as they were concerned about their children lacks of English heritage.

4) How it was proven that the earth is round.

We all remember the story of Christoper Columbus and the way he sailed around the whole ocean in a bid to prove that the earth’s round. We remember it because those untrustworthy teachers told us so.

However it was not how the earth was discovered to be round as the Ancient Greeks had already uncovered this astounding fact and written it down some 2,000 years earlier.

5) The old wives tale that Einstein actually failed maths.

We were all told about how Albert Einstein was a poor student and even the great scholar had in fact failed math class one day. However it is in fact a lie from the teachers, believe it or not. They used this as a tool to encourage struggling children.

Einstein was in fact reading college level physics books at the age of 11. These books were written for a 18-20 year old, so not only did he not fail maths, he excelled in al school based activity. But we can see why the teachers would use this, fair play to them.

6) Who actually built the prisoners.

We weer all taught about how slave workers were the ones who built the immense looking pyramids. However this is not the case. The building workers were actually paid well, fed well and those who unfortunately died during the construction of these dangerous to build pyramids were respectfully buried in a nearby tomb.

This image is one which is widely used by history teachers and movies alike and has been for generations. It is a fascinating image which captures the craftsmanship involved in building such a structure.

7) What can you actually see from space?

We have all been led to believe that you can see the Great Wall of China from space. And as it was told to us by our teachers, we had no reason to dispute this.

However it has since been proven that it cannot be seen by the naked eye. This image was taken by an astronaut to add some weight to that idea.

8) The fact that Christopher Columbus discovered America.

It was taught to us that Christopher Columbus was the man who discovered America. However we now know this to be false. As it was actually discovered approximately 400 years earlier.

Leif Ericson actually sailed the globe long before Columbo’s time and ended up living in Canada, however due to clashes with the aboriginal population they did not last the 400 years until Columbo rocked up.

9) Blue blood and blue veins.

We were told that your veins are blue due to the oxygen running through your body. However, further research, conducted by us to find out what else we have been lied about, proves otherwise.

It just appears blue to our eyes because of the way natural light penetrates our skin. Blood is never any colour other than red.

10) Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, or did he?

We all know that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb don’t we. This is because the teachers fed us this information as well. However it is known that Humphry Davey had actually invented the arc light prior to Edison’s invention.

There were actually a lot of teams working to create the lightbulb. However it was Edison and his team that were the first to perfect the light bulb.

11) Humans have just 5 senses.

Yes we all know about the 5 primary senses, smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch. But we were made to believe that this was the end of our senses.

We actually have 20 senses, which includes secondary ones such as vibration, sense of time, temperature and sense of direction.

12) The way in which the water flushes down your toilet depending on the continent you are in.

Depending whether you are on the southern or northern hemisphere, it is said that the water flows down your toilet in opposite directions. However this is not true.

It is actually completely to do with the angle of the toilet bowl and often the shape. Which hemisphere you happen to be flushing from is irrelevant.

13) The myth of the Trojan horse.

We all know and love the story of the Ancient Greeks and how they fooled their enemy into accepting their gift of the Trojan horse which was in fact filled with soldiers who took over the city.

However this is exactly how it is described above, a story. It is simply a myth and never actually took place, despite our history teachers persuading us otherwise.

14) Up in space there is zero gravity.

There is an element of truth to this one, but to say that there is zero gravity is not true. There is a lot less gravity, which is why things float about air ships up there.

But there is reduced gravity, which reduces the further you travel out into space and away from planet earth. Madness.

15) Humans only actually use 10% of their brains, apparently!

This is a serious old wives tale which has been enhanced with the film Matilda. It makes us think that there is over 90% of our brain and potential which is sitting wasting, and waiting to be unlocked.

This was a complete bluff from our teachers, as it is scientifically proven that your entire brain is actively working throughout a day. Why would you lie to us about this teachers?!

So there you go, a full lists of things we were all mis-taught in school, a lot of them you will still think were true to this day, if we hadn’t routed out the deceit.

If you like this article please feel free to share it with your family and friends, so that they too can be enlightened by the real facts we should have once been taught.

And let us know what you think in the comments along with any other lies we were taught when we were at school. Thanks!

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