7 Myths About Your Bra That You Thought Were Real

Bras, can’t live with ’em, can’t lift your boobs up from down by your knees without ’em. Call ’em what you want, boob prisons, knocker lockers, over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, we all think we know best when it comes to our bras. But are we doing our bras more harm than good? We’re here to examine 7 bra myths and see if they’re really all that accurate after all. Keep reading to see if you’re not treating your bras with the respect they deserve!

1. You should sleep with your bra on.

This is definitely a myth and I, for one, am really happy that it is! It’s uncomfortable enough to wear one all day, never mind all night long too! So hold on to your favourite part of the day and carry on taking your bra off the second you get home in the evening. This is your relaxing time, sister!

2. You can wear the same bra for days.

Sorry, ladies, but as much as we all wish this could be true, it’s not. You wouldn’t wear any other underwear for days without changing it would you? So why should you wear your bras for days when they spend all of their time right next to your sweaty armpits? That being said though, if you choose to ignore this one, we won’t tell. That’s your own dirty little secret!

3. Underwire bras can cause breast cancer.

This hasn’t been found to be true in any scientific studies that have ever been made on the subject. So wear your bras, ladies, they’re doing you no harm!

4. You’re the same bra size in every store.

Unfortunately, clothing companies just can’t seem to agree on consistent sizing, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be a different bra size in every store you go into. So remember to always try your bras on before you buy them, just to make sure you don’t end up with a bra big enough for two people!

5. If I don’t wear a bra my boobs will get saggy.

Yep, this one’s a myth too, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that forsaking bras forever will magically make your boobs perkier. Unfortunately, gravity is still a thing and your boobs are still affected by it. Sorry, sisters, but the sag is happening whether you like it or not!

6. If I don’t wear a bra I’ll get stretch marks.

Another one that’s not true! I mean really, who’s coming up with these? Because they must be pretty convinced that without bras we’d all be walking around with perky boobs covered in stretch marks. Don’t get me wrong, stretch marks can and do happen to your boobs, but it’s because of changes in your body not because you didn’t wear a bra today.

7. Bras are machine washable.

Yes it saves us time and yes it saves us energy and yes we’re all lazy but no, you shouldn’t be washing your bras in the machine. They’re made out of delicate fabric and they need to be treated with a nice gentle hand wash. I mean don’t get me wrong, you CAN wash your bras in the machine, but don’t come crying to me when they get stretched out and don’t support the girls any more.

There we have it ladies! Seven of the biggest bra myths finally debunked. 

If you’re feeling happier now that you know these bra facts, don’t forget to share this with your friends! And if you know some more crazy bra myths, leave us a comment so we can put a stopper in them too!

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