16 Scary Pictures of Spain's Climate Change Can't Be Denied

Climate change is a hot topic these days with people across the world longing to make a change that will help our world be a greener place. There are still some people, however, who sit on the other side of the fence. They can’t see that our planet is changing every day and climate change is really going to come back and bite us in the butt very soon! Well, we’d like to see if we can open their eyes to all of the troubles our planet is facing, so we’ve got together 16 pictures of climate change in action in Spain that will make them think twice.

Spain’s Tagus river is in serious danger of drying up completely. The river is depleting every day and scientists have ideas as to what’s causing it.

The Tagus river is the longest in Iberian peninsula, stretching over 1000 km long. 716 of these kilometres run through Spain, 275 through Portugal and 47 through the border between the two. But the river is slowly depleting.

In 2016, Science printed an article about the climate change happening in Spain. They’re warning that southern Spain could be turned into a desert by as soon as 2100!

Scientific studies show that Southern Spain has been affected by climate change more than any other region in the world. This is contributing to the disappearance of the Tagus river, but we humans are far from blameless.

The study published in Science shows that deforestation is a huge contributor to the climate problems in the area. Forests are removed to make way for agriculture and this only makes things worse.

When the greenery in one area is removed, it worsens the drought that the river is already dealing with. We need to keep our planet green, people!

The worst case scenario predicts that our planet’s temperatures have the potential to rise by 5 degrees worldwide. We’re gonna need our summer wardrobes all year round!

The Paris Agreement planned to cap temperature changes at a much nicer and more manageable 1.5 degrees. Take a look and see for yourself, it’s all available to read online!

Unfortunately, this goal is not likely to be achieved. A study posted in National Climate Change predict the likelihood of this succeeding at being less than 1%. Pretty scary, huh?

The study states that we’re much more likely to see a temperature change of 2-4.9 degrees instead! I’m feeling for the poor polar bears right now.

If we want to change the way this is going we’d have to sort our our carbon emissions fast! We don’t have much time left to make a significant change.

Another way we’re causing damage to the wonderful Tagus river is by creating dams. It’s dammed approximately 51 times across it’s length! That’s a huge number of dams for one river!

A law that recently passed has approved the dams along the river as long as there’s a surplus of water. However, there’s no forward planning for droughts and if global temperatures rise as predicted we might be seeing a few of those!

If we want to save rivers like the Tagus that run all over the world, we all have to take responsibility and look at how we contribute to our planet’s wellbeing.

It’s time we made a change, people! If we all look into our own personal carbon emissions we can make a huge difference to the world we all live in. Keep it green!

What did you think about the subjects raised in this article? Leave us a comment and tell us how you feel! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, the more awareness we can spread about climate change the better!

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