17 Creepy Photos That Prove History Was Haunted

If you thought history was all hangings and beheadings and other freaky stuff going on… well, you’re absolutely right.

Turns out they couldn’t do a single thing back in the olden days without it being creepy as heck.

That doesn’t even start to explain some of the stuff they got up to back then, which looks way out there to our eyes these days.

Maybe attitudes have changed, and I hope we’ve been taught a few lessons in what is right and wrong over the years. But it certainly looks like a bunch of this stuff was wrong on so many levels, and we had to change ASAP!

If you don’t believe us, read on and try telling us this was all a mistake and there’s nothing sinister about any of these pictures.

Better yet… we dare you to!

1. Dang 18th century anatomical drawings… you scary!

Just a lady chilling out with all of her flesh stripped off. While she’s still alive of course. No big deal.

2. You thought your job was bad? This guy is carting a bunch of skeletons around

If you’ve ever heard of the Paris Catacombs, or seen pictures of the place, you know that place is creepy at the best of times. Underneath the French capital miles upon miles of tunnels are lined with human bones. But there’s something about this picture, with a bunch of bones just lying on the floor…

Or this one, with hundreds of bodies just piled up everywhere, that just puts an extra level of ‘nope’ on the whole thing.

3. Have aliens landed? Is it a portal to another dimension?

Nope, it’s an old photo of a dam being constructed in Seattle, USA. Did we mention the place is called Diablo Dam? Oh heck no, let’s get out of here.

4. Looks like sacrifices will have to be made…

I’m all for getting to know other cultures, but there’s something about this that just doesn’t sit right. Maybe it’s that this guy has his face completely covered…

Or maybe it’s this machete wielding maniac!

These guys are Nigerian dancers in traditional dress, from the early part of the 20th century. So they’re just doing their thing, but that doesn’t make them any less scary looking!

5. There’s nothing about nuclear tests that’s exactly happy and smiley

Plus store mannequins are always the kind of thing that will give most people the creeps.

So put them both together, looking all dismembered and disfigured, then that’s pretty much nightmare fuel right there.

6. This is called ‘Six Stages Of Marring A Face’ and it’s… well… unnecessary

This French drawing from 1798 shows you exactly what it looks like for a guy to be beaten to a bloody pulp! Just what we all like to see in classical artwork!

7. The nuclear fallout suit

Why compromise on fashion in the horror of nuclear war when you can buy one of these sassy ensembles? Oh, because it looks creepy as all heck, that’s why.

8. These are called ‘Magic Hands’ and you can… um… see why

At West Berlin’s Industrial Fair in 1954, a US Information Service exhibit allowed people to try this a device for handling radioactive materials. Apparently it was so delicate it could be used to pin a diaper on a doll. Question is, why a diaper on a doll? Why not, I don’t know, peel a banana? This just looks so weird!

9. You thought Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house sounded creepy?

Check out this English butcher’s shop in 1937, looking like the entire house is made out of dead carcasses. “I’ll take that one please! No, not that one… no, not that one… no, not that one… no…”

10. Why shouldn’t a H Bomb test stop you from dancing practice?

Back in the nightmare that was the 1950s, photos of mushroom clouds were ten a penny. They got so common that photographers has to sexy them up bit… so that’s why this girl is dancing in the face of radiation poisoning.

11. Look at that guy’s face, he doesn’t give one cr*p about how dangerous that is!

Legend says that poor kid is still going around and around that cycling track.

12. One of us! One of us!

If the frozen smiles and dead eyes don’t do it for you, try to spot the few odd kids without masks on who look like they’ve been kidnapped by some sick cult.

13. So this is called the ‘Creeping Doll’

And I have a good feeling it’s gonna be creeping on into my nightmares! Even Sid from Toy Story would run a mile from this thing!

14. Here’s a picture of an antique sand blasting helmet from 1936

That looks suspiciously like he’ll jam that sharp thing into the nape of your neck and see your dreams. Some say that mask is actually that guy’s face.

15. Turns out creepy guys on dating sites isn’t a 21st century thing

There are red flags ALL OVER this thing! Nudist? Aggressive? Interested in the bizarre? If that look and the fact that you’ve got to send this guy your address doesn’t make you think he’ll murder you and wear your skin like a onesie, I don’t know what will.

Then there’s this 101% male, who has basically placed a newspaper ad for everyone to see that he wants to cheat on his wife. Not creepy at all!

16. Agh! What in the heck is that thing? The Elephant Man?

Yup, that looks creepy… but try tilting your head to the left…

17. Finally there’s this guy, who was being experimented upon

Yep, seriously! They were trying to recreate facial expressions with electrical currents. So they’ve got ‘abject horror’ nailed, what’s next?

Oh, abject horror is the only one they could do, I guess.

Well, I think you can count yourself as mentally scarred enough for another day! Tell us which picture was your favorite… or least favorite… with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it.

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