21 Bikini Fails That Will Make You Give Up On Swimwear

I think most women have tried on a bikini and felt that gut wrenching self consciousness that comes with thinking about wearing something so revealing in public. Most of us go on to make good bikini choices that make us look and feel great. Most of us. These 21 ladies definitely didn’t make good choices. At all. Take a look for yourself!

1. I’ve heard of goldfish platform shoes but a bikini?

I really hope she fed those little guys.

2. That looks painful!

There’s a wedgie and then there’s this.

3. Gotta get ’em in the right place!

Be honest ladies, we’ve all made the ‘adjusting my bikini’ face.

4. For when you REALLY want to advertise that you’re on a diet.

Yes, I’ve lost ten pounds recently, why do you ask?

5. Why? Just why?

That extra strap does nothing except make it look like you can’t dress yourself properly.

6. Spider-tan, Spider-tan, does whatever a spider can

There’s no superhero who can save you from those terrible tan lines.

7. For those who like to bare all.

The only way she could be wearing less is if she’d just worn a piece of string.

8. This chainmail bikini is good for nothing.

It’s too skimpy to use as armour and you’ll sink if you try to swim in it! 0/10, poor effort.

9. Only in Wal-Mart

You wouldn’t get this kind of dress code in Target, you know!

10. It’s a hands on experience!

She likes to keep abreast of the situation.

11. You’re never too old for matching swimwear

Although the thongs might have been a bit much!

12. There’s so much wrong here

Where do I start? The bow? The shoulder things? The purple costume part that covers very little? It’s all just bad.

13. She wanted to look like Lady Gaga

She ended up looking like she put a one piece through a blender.

14. Anyone want any side salad?

I wouldn’t want to leaf it out.

15. This costume is way too cheesy.

Hey, at least she has pizza whenever she wants it!

16. Those butts are hungry!

Give them five more minutes and they’ll have eaten the shorts and moved on to the bikini top!

17. I’m watching you!

I hope you wanted to be creeped out today because this is the creepiest thing I’ve seen for years!

18. That’s one heck of a photobomb!

Am I the only one who’s confused by cows being on the beach in the first place?

19. I wouldn’t want to have to take that off!

I mean seriously, that looks like it’s going to really, really hurt!

20. At least she’s confident enough to wear it!

If I can ever find this much body confidence I’ll be so happy that I’ll jump for joy!

21. Wanna listen to some music?

She has a mix tape for every occasion right here, just tell her what you wanna hear!

What’s the worst bikini fail you’ve ever seen? Have you ever had a bikini fail happen to you? Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

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