25 Everyday Objects With Clever Design Hacks You've Never Noticed

Have you ever found some weird design feature on some of the everyday objects around your house and wondered how they got there?

Whoever originally made that thing probably intended for them to be used in a certain way, but maybe nobody got the memo and uses it completely differently!

Well there are ingenious little design hacks ready to help you out in your life all around you! They can really save you some time and effort, but you’ve probably never even noticed or used them!

Turns out some really clever people design stuff to help us out, or in really amazing ways that we’ve never even considered!

So there’s a lot of stuff out there that maybe you’ve never noticed… and you might be about to notice it!

1. Phone fresh out of charge?

Try switching to airplane mode while it’s charging, which charges the phone much faster.

2. There’s a little arrow beneath the symbol on your gas gauge in most cars

That represents which side of your car the fuel tank hatch is on. Check it out the next time you’re in your car!

3. You must have noticed that little hole in plane windows

That’s called a ‘bleed hole’, and they’re used to equalize pressure between the cabin and the gap of air which is in between the windowpanes.

4. Did you know the dimple on the bottom of a wine bottle is called a punt?

In the past, their flat bottoms would often cause wine bottles to topple over, but the punt was created to solve this problem.

5. Ever realized how cleverly designed Tic Tac lids are?

There’s a little crater in each of them that allows your Tic Tac to fall perfectly into place, so that you can dispense one at a time.

6. How do you prevent accidents at gas stations?

Well, with brackets on top of the nozzles for starters! They’re put in gas stations as a safety precaution in case people accidentally drive away with the nozzle still in their gas tank. If somebody does this, the brackets will simply snap away.

7. You know the plastic lids that come with most fast food drinks?

They’re now designed to also be used as coasters!

8. Are your cooking utensils always rolling away?

The holes in the handles of pots can be used to hold your spoon when you’re cooking a meal!

9. Perhaps you’ve noticed the’F’ and ‘J’ letters on your keyboard each have a small raised line on them

The reason for them being there is that they can be used as a guide for people who are touch typing, in order to easily position their hands.

10. The holes in the tops of lids on pens aren’t there to dry out pens quicker

They’re actually an important safety measure. So that if you were to ever accidentally swallow a pen cap, or maybe a child did this, you could still breathe through this hole even if the pen cap got lodged in your throat.

11. Always losing straws from your cans of soda?

The hole in the ring pull of soda cans are actually designed so that you can fit your straw through them and then drink comfortably. It prevents the straw from bobbing or moving around, so give it a try!

12. The plastic ring around a bottle of soda?

That keeps the soda from going flat!

13. Want to get rid of those unpopped kernels in the bottom of your microwave popcorn bag?

Use the slit that’s at the top of the bag to dump out those pieces of corn after you’ve microwaved the popcorn. This way, you won’t have to worry about chipping your freakin’ teeth on any stray kernels while you eat your popcorn.

14. Did you know that there are other uses for aspirin other than curing a headache?

You can crush up aspirin and put it into a gallon of water and then water your plants with the mixture for healthier plants!

15. That’s not all either!

You can also crush up some more aspirin and mix it with water to create a paste that can help relieve sunburns if you apply it to your skin!

16. Hate getting your hands all dusty when you reach into a bag of chips?

There’s a hack around that! Just invert the bottom of the bag by popping the bottom upwards into the bag, and then roll down the edges, which will create a mini bowl for you to share your chips… or not!

17. If you often get confused with road signs, here’s a helpful tip to get you to your destination! 

The side of the road that the exit sign is on is also the side that you should be exiting on. Happy travels!

18. Here’s a tip for all you home cooks!

If you ever cut up onions or garlic, the smell can linger on your hands for days afterwards. If you want to get rid of the smell before then, just rub your hands with salt. Just use a little, and not for too long or it will irritate your skin, however.

19. Want another use for that salt, away from the kitchen?

Onion and garlic aren’t the only smells that salt can cure! A sprinkling in your shoes overnight can also eliminate odor. Just remember to shake it out before you pull your shoes on.

20. Did you know that the bumps in your tires don’t just determine how safe the tires are? 

They also tell you their age, and how long the current set will last before you have to get them changed!

21. Here’s a life changing takeout hack!

Did you know that if you unfold the box your meal comes in from a Chinese takeout, it turns into its own bowl?

22. Sure, the hook on the end of a measuring tape is used to latch on to the edges of things, but it has another use

It tends to be loose in order to give you some wiggle room, so you can get the most accurate measurement possible.

23. Padlocks have a tiny hole at the bottom, right?

These holes are there in case the lock was ever submerged in water, and would allow the padlock to drain itself when you picked it out of the water. The hole can also be used to oil the locking mechanism to keep it from seizing.

24. Cedar coat hangers have natural oils inside them

These help to prevent insects such as moths in your cupboards and wardrobes.

25. Finally, that tiny pocket inside the regular pocket of your jeans?

It was originally designed to hold pocket watches!

We hope you found some of these interesting! If you have any useful hints and hack of your own to add, don’t hesitate to tell us with a COMMENT! Please also SHARE this article with your family and friends if you enjoyed it!

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