The 8 Stages Of Going Gray That Every Woman Goes Through

Grey hairs are a fact of life. You’re going to get them, whether you like it or not and it’s always much sooner than you’d want! We’ve all been there, or are heading there quickly, so I’m going to walk you through the stages of growing grey gracefully. Or not so gracefully, either way. Let’s start at the beginning, the discovery of your first grey hair…

1. Denial

What is this? That’s not… no… it can’t be. Surely not. But if it’s not then what is it? Oh no there’s nothing else it can be! It must be! Why?! And how?! How has this happened to me?! Can I hide it? Or pull it out? Or both! Just somebody please take it away and keep it away from me for the rest of my life!

2. Paranoia

It was just one. There’s not going to be another… Is there? Is that one?! No, no, it’s just the light. Isn’t it? Or is it? Please tell me it’s just the light, I can’t handle this right now! That one grey hair was just a one off and the rest are totally fine… Wait, I can’t see the back of my head, there aren’t any lurking back there are there? What if the entire back of my head is grey and I just haven’t noticed it? SOMEBODY PASS ME THAT MIRROR!

3. The search for a cure

There has to be a way to stop this. Surely medical science has evolved far enough that we don’t have to go through this any more? Come on Google, don’t fail me now! There has to be an answer! I’m not going grey! There’s an answer out there somewhere, there has to be an answer!

4. Mourning

It’s official. It’s not just one grey hair. It’s multiple. That means it’s happening. Age is catching up with me. Before I know it I’ll be 150 years old and everything about me will be grey, this is just the beginning! Why can’t I go back to being 18 again? I don’t want this, I didn’t ask for any of this!

5. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry

It’s not so bad, right? Nothing I can’t laugh about! There’s even funny names for it! I’ve not got grey hair, I’ve got stress highlights! Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound so great, they’re not stress highlights they’re natural strings of silver party glitter! That’s it! Isn’t that great? Glitter’s the best! Hahahahaha… ha. ha.

6. Grey-spiration

Get a grip, we can make this work. You’re not the first person in the world to ever go grey you know! There’s loads of fabulous people with grey hair out there… HELEN MIRREN! Of course! She’s been rocking grey hair for years and she’s one of the most beautiful people on earth! And it seems like the older she gets the more beautiful she becomes! There is hope! Now, how does she do her hair?

7. Acceptance

You know what? This isn’t so bad! It actually looks pretty good! No wonder there are a lot of young ladies dying their hair grey at the moment, it’s cool! Hang on, I’m cool? I don’t think I’ve been cool since I was eighteen! This grey hair thing can stay!

8. Fabulousness

The grey hair rocks and so do I! There’s something very empowering about embracing the grey and I am loving it. Also, not having to spend a small fortune on hair dye is great! I never thought being this gorgeous would save me money too! I should have done this years ago, I love the grey life!

So you see, it’s not all bad going grey. The initial panic just isn’t needed! So let’s all take a second to appreciate our grey hair, after all, all the best women have gone grey! Right, Dorothy?

If you love your grey hair, leave us a comment and tell us why! And share this with all of your silver haired sisters out there, grey ladies for life!

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