15 Amazing Pictures That Show Dubai’s Incredible Wealth

They really don’t do things by halves in Dubai. They have some of the most expensive hotel rooms, the tallest building in the world and it’s one of the most expensive places to live in the world too.

Since you’ve got to have more than a few dollars to rub together in order to live there, the tastes of its residents can get pretty dang expensive.

Over in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the capital of Abu Dhabi, an oil-rich country and basically the playground of the wealthy in the Middle East.

It’s the sort of place where if you want it, you can get it, no matter what ‘it’ is. And if you can’t get that thing, you can sure as heck pay somebody to make it for you!

Don’t believe us? Here are some of our favorite crazy displays of wealth from one of the most crazy places you could imagine!

1. In Dubai, hipsters have taken ordering their skinny vegan vanilla soy latte with an extra shot to the next level

You might think ordering coffee is getting out of hand in your country, you should get a load of it in Dubai! That’s a coffee with a shaving of gold on the side! You’ve got to order a minimum of 50 dirhams worth, which is just short of $14. So pocket change for the Dubai elite!

2. The places where you order coffee aren’t much less fancy!

That must be the poshest Starbucks I’ve ever seen, imagine ordering your morning cup in those surroundings!

3. This is the world’s heaviest gold ring, and it’s at home in Dubai

It’s also the world’s most useless gold ring! Seriously, that’s like me making a chewing gum the size of a swimming pool and calling it the world’s heaviest! If you can’t wear it on your finger, it’s not a ring… if you can’t chew it, it’s not gum!

4. I wish I could be part of that world…

Dubai is such a crazy place, but their mermaid breeding programme is really going from strength to strength!

5. This guy always beats the traffic on his ride to work

The main difference between this and riding a horse is that the worst a horse can do is kick you off it’s back. Horses don’t then turn around and eat your head.

6. There’s no getting away from the police in Dubai

There are that many supercars lining the streets that the five-oh have had to resort to extreme measures in order to keep up in chases! How’s that for a company car?

7. This guy has a pet cheetah in his car

You’d be weirded out enough just seeing a guy with a cat on a lead in his car in most countries! In Dubai, you don’t even give that a second look unless it’s as exotic as this furry feller!

8. Want to know how rich Dubai is as a country? They have gold ATMs

Nope, not ATMs that are the color gold… ATMs that you can withdraw gold out of, rather than money! So the next time the bank gives you a Benjamin with a moustache drawn on it, just imagine this guy doing his thing!

9. Now where did I park my camel?

Can’t decide if the person who parked their camel here is extremely rich or extremely poor… could be either, really!

10. You can get a room with a view like this in Dubai

I wouldn’t like all those fish watching me sleep personally. And any random perv with a submarine could sail past, which seems pretty possible to me in Dubai. But hey to each their own I guess! If you want an underwater apartment like a freakin’ James Bond villain, you go nuts.

11. This gold plated games console is the latest thing

Yup, you read that right, it’s not just gold colored… that thing is gold plated! As in, actual gold on your PlayStation. Sheesh!

12. A bathtub up above the clouds

I think that would make mornings a lot more bearable, if I woke up and slipped into this skyscraping tub.

13. Is that a car or a freakin’ UFO?

Maybe these guys are criminals who have decided if they’re gonna beat the police, they need to take to the skies.

14. Dubai is probably one of the only countries where you can buy camel milk right off the shelf

I can’t imagine it tasting much good on your corn flakes over breakfast, but stranger things have happened! And stranger things DO happen, all the time, mostly in Dubai!

15. Where there’s camel milk, of course there’s camel chocolate

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a REALLY cold fridge in the middle of the desert, they’ve got you covered over there.

Is Dubai the sort of country you’d like to visit? Or maybe you’re super rich and reckon you could afford to live there. If that’s the case, why don’t you leave a COMMENT saying whether or not I can borrow $100. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to SHARE it with your friends and family.

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