18 Annoying Problems Most Women Can Relate To In Winter

Winter is on the way and we can’t wait to be snuggled into our blankets for those long winter nights with a big steaming mug of hot cocoa and some of our favourite Christmas movies. Winter isn’t always perfect though, and we ladies know that more than anyone! We’ve found 18 annoying problems that all women have to deal with in wintertime.

1. Turning into Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the second the cold hits

I have never found a foundation good enough to reliably cover my glowing nose for a whole day.

2. Static hair all day every day

Winter hats are amazing until you take them off and your hair tries to get as far away from your head as possible.

3. Terrible hat hair

No, not that type of hat hair! The kind of hat hair that leaves you feeling flat, sad and static-y. No fun at all!

4. The daily battle with your tights

They’re either riding right up your butt, falling down around your knees, too long, too short, or just plain wrong. There’s no winning with these things!

5. Never ending ladders

As if your tights falling down wasn’t bad enough, the second you try to pull them up you know you run the risk of ruining them completely. Why do they have to be so freakin’ flimsy?!

6. Having more body hair than Bigfoot

The second October hits the leg wax goes away and the razors are thrown out. I won’t be needing those until next year! When it’s this cold, every little helps, after all!

7. Using so much lip balm you’re scared your lips will turn white

I go through at least one tube a day, no joke.

8. Chapped lips

It doesn’t matter how much lip balm I use though, I always end up with chapped lips anyway. And then I end up biting at them all day which is a great look.

9. Wrapping up in so many layers that you start to sweat

The second you step outside and start walking to wherever you’re going you start sweating like it’s the middle of July. Gross.

10. Being the snottiest person on the planet

My nose is constantly dripping and it’s SO attractive.

11. Having a huge mark around your nose from blowing your nose all the time

All that effort you put into your makeup this morning is totally wasted as you rub your nose every second of the day.

12. Taking your sweater off and accidentally flashing the whole world

Yep, they all saw your boobs. Nope, there’s nothing you can do about it now. Yes, you’ll probably forget and do the same thing tomorrow.

13. Taking off your coat to find your skirt has ridden all the way up

As if the sweater boob wasn’t bad enough, your skirt has now ridden up around your waist and everyone can see your butt. Great work.

14. Dressing like you’re going out into the arctic tundra when you’re just going to the gas station

I’m wearing everything I own, come at me weather, I will fight you!

15. Neglecting your toenails for months

My toenails are probably longer than my fingernails right now.

16. Not being able to feel your fingers or toes for half the year

Goodbye hands and feet, I knew thee well.

17. Never finding the happy medium between burning hot and freezing cold

You’re either one or the other all the time, there’s no middle ground here, people! Choose the one you hate the least and get on with it.

18. Doing some horizontal running to warm your bed up at night

Your bed should be warm and cozy but you’ve just hopped into it and it’s freezing in here. Time to kick those legs faster than an Olympic runner chasing an ice cream van in the middle of August and get this place warmed up!

Which of these winter problems annoys you the most? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share with your friends and family too.

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