24 Genius Ideas That Solve The Weirdest Problems

Have you ever come across a problem that you just can’t figure out how to solve? No matter what you do, this weird problem just won’t get out of your life! Well, you’ve come to the right place because right here we’ve got 25 weird solutions to even weirder problems to provide you with problem solving inspiration.

1. A timeless solution

Worked like a charm!

2. Good luck getting out of that one!

Now we just never move that tub again and everything will be fine!

3. A wheel-y good idea!

You just saved this chair to live another day!

4. Who needs plates?

No dishes ever again? I’ll call that a win!

5. It’s a clean sweep!

It might not look pretty, but boy does it work!

6. I need a clear table now

Never again will you have to deal with tired arms from holding your phone up while you watch a movie.

7. This is what the real Batmobile would look like!

This isn’t just a car, it’s a superhero in the middle of an epic battle!

8. Hotdogs in a hurry!

The only problem I can see here is going without coffee for the amount of time these take to cook!

9. I’m now fluent in Chinese, thanks internet!

Whoever thought it would be that simple?

10. There’s no way this could go wrong.

I just hope it lasts long enough for a builder to arrive!

11. They just don’t want to harm any trees!

This isn’t silly, just environmentally friendly.

12. Who needs Google glass?

You can make your own version at home with just some tape! Problem solved!

13. This little guy kept escaping through the fence.

He’s going nowhere now!

14. Another back yard escapee

She doesn’t look happy to be wearing those bottles but needs must!

15. It’s a sticky situation

At least this way she doesn’t get the rest of her hair caught up! Great idea!

16. When you need to feed four puppies at once.

Honestly, I’d be happy with everything in my life if there were four puppies in it.

17. No grill? No problem!

Although I’ve got to worry about the hygiene, have you seen what people do with those carts?

18. Pass me a cold one!

No seriously, that beer is freezing!

19. It’s perfect for parties!

Okay people, leave your coats over there and put your beer in the conveniently hanging ice.

20. This washer door wouldn’t stay closed.

No problem if you’ve got a plunger and a pan!

21. You could get one of those little bike seats, but…

You’ve gotta admit this looks like fun! Just make sure they’re strapped in safely!

22. This looks cooler than the original dials!

Want the AC on? Just turn it 2 cranks to the right.

23.  This is so simple it’s almost ridiculous.

And you’ve got a handy hairbrush for any hair style disasters! Winning!

24. No beach towel? Just make your own!

I love how happy she is in the final picture. She’s earned that happiness after all that work!

Which of these weird solutions was your favourite? Have you ever come up with a strangely perfect answer to one of life’s little problems? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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