25 Photos That Will Make You Feel Way More Uncomfortable Than You Thought Possible

There are certain things that make us all feel uncomfortable. Fingernails down a blackboard. The sense of being followed on a dark street. The feeling you get when you have work in the morning on Sunday night.

But there’s other things that are way less obvious. I mean, there are things that you might well be afraid of that you don’t even know about.

How do we get a sudden sense of dread about these things? It’s almost like we’ve all seen horrible, terrible things in the past and we’re genetically programmed to be scared of things that just look a little off.

You know, that seem normal. Just like everything else. But really, it’s a trickster in disguise. Ready to eat your soul.

You might realize, you might listen to your instincts. But it might be too late by then. What did our ancestors see, way back in the mists of time? What are our minds keeping from us…

Either that or you might just giggle! Enjoy!

1. Not what I meant by ‘can you give me a hand scrubbing my back’

Anyone who has a bar of soap like this at home is quite obviously a serial killer

2. Would you like to ride the world’s most claustrophobic elevator… you don’t have claustrophobia? Well, you will after a ride in this!

No, it doesn’t open up into a bottomless pit as soon as the door closes at all, why would you think that?

3. Miles of smiles

That really makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason. Like if you thought somebody was completely normal and then you caught a glimpse of their teeth… and they were like this.

4. Sometimes life seems to be passing you by

Then you remember ‘oh wait, I’ve been laying on this couch for about the fourteen and a half hours’.

5. The toucan’s big secret is finally revealed… no, not that they’ve been a one-can all along…

If you look carefully you can actually see the piece of string holding it on tied around the back of their heads.

6. This is what your feet feel like after being jammed into a pair of high heels all day

But then again there’s really no excuse for this.

7. It happened to us all as kids, at one time or another!

The last thing you’ll see is when you wake up in the night and he’s standing over your bed holding a pillow towards your face.

8. Here’s the most stressful minute imaginable, I bet you can’t make it through the whole thing

Why not watch it again and hold onto something you don’t like the shape of? By the end you’ll have twisted it into something completely different!

9. Well this makes me quite spectacularly uncomfortable

I don’t know how whoever put that there can live with themselves. Imagine having THAT much trust in a flimsy plastic McDonalds lid!

10. If you thought the feet with heels were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

These are a total freakin’ travesty, what kinda warped mind came up with these?

11. There’s something making you feel uncomfortable, and then there’s actually being uncomfortable

Is it just me, or is this what all of the chairs in school felt like anyway?

12. They went through all the trouble of making two different sides to this grid cover

And then some dingus just twists it around the wrong way… I won’t stand for this cr*p!

13. Who in the heck looked at the plans for this and then thought “aha, I see!”

Every day we stray further from God’s light.

14. Sure nobody actually LIKES to take the Subway, but some rides are more comfortable than others

You can actually feel her repressing her memories. She’ll have no idea how she got to work that morning when she gets to the office.

15. We’ve all had this dilemma!

Either strap in tight for a crazy few months with your hot, smart girlfriend or slowly lose the will to live after years with your boring bookworm. The choice is yours, boys.

16. When I said accessorize your toenails, I meant you should… you know, paint them 

WHO DOES THIS??? Why is nothing right with the world.

17. Why did the chicken cross the road?

I don’t know, but I’d cross the road if I saw this freakin’ guy coming!

18. Is it just me, or does this cheese have a rat tail?

If that’s the next stage of evolution, then I don’t wanna know!

19. Where is the most handy place to keep your USB stick?

In your mouth of course! Try explaining your method of backing up your data to your weirded out dentist.

20. It’s such a simple thing, and yet there is EVERYTHING wrong with this picture

Just looking at it makes me shiver.

21. Does anyone else remember those chairs from Men In Black?

Somebody has decided the best way to drink wine is to just pour it all over your face. It’s hard to argue.

22. I don’t wanna know what kinda teeth the person who buys this has in their head

Yuck, that gives me the chills.

23. Just when you thought Justin Bieber couldn’t get any creepier…

Someone goes ahead and makes his face out of meat… well I mean technically has face is already meat, but… raw meat. Well actually it’s that too I guess, but… anyway you can see what I mean!

24. You’ll never have to water your plants again!

Because of your descent into madness, I mean.

25. This is a jewelry box, made by a complete madman

Congratulations you made it to the end with your sanity in tact. Well, kinda. Now just go and feed your unicorn and tuck yourself into your straight jacket for bed.

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