25 Things That All Women Find Strangely Satisfying


All girls are delicate creatures who would never admit to doing anything as gross as pooping, burping or wearing the same underwear for more than a day at a time.

Okay, have all the guys left now? Because we all know the truth is ladies have spent carefully, carefully convincing everybody that this is the case.

When in fact we’re pretty much as disgusting as anybody in the privacy of our own homes, and we all have certain guilty pleasures.

Maybe it’s the feeling of letting loose, but we get such satisfaction from such weird things at times!

How many of you ladies will admit to doing these things? I wonder if any of you are brave enough!

1. Sniffing your pits

Just to find out how smelly they are! If they’re smelly, do you put some deodorant on? Of course… if you’re at work. If you’re at home, you just marvel at how smelly you’re gotten!

2. Picking dirt out from underneath your fingernails

Hey, we’ve got longer fingernails than the boys, generally speaking. So swooshing a big glob of dirt from under there is extra satisfying, let me tell you

3. Squeezing your spots in the mirror

Yeah, we all know not to do it. We get told all the time it’ll just make the spot worse and more noticeable in the long run, plus it hurts. But screw all that, we just wanna pop some zits!

4. Squeezing your friends’ spots

You get to pop a zit, and you don’t even have to put up how painful it is yourself! I’d call that a win! What, your friend is in pain? Ah, who gives a cr*p.

5. Having a casual chat with your friend in the restroom

Girls are famous for our bathroom chit-chat. We don’t go to the bathroom solo, we visit in packs!

6. Pulling out a giant wedgie

I guess we’ve just got more to pull it out of than the boys, if you catch my drift.

7. Examining the size of your blood clot when you’re on your period

Nobody likes getting their period, so you might as well find the plus sides to it! Whoosh, look at the size of that sucker! That must’ve been stuck up in there from LAST month!

8. Picking dry skin from your feet

It’s a lot like when you put glue on your hands at school on purpose, and then peeled it all off! Wasn’t that the most satisfying thing in the world?

9. Cupping your boobs and holding them

We all go for the ol’ hand bra every once in a while! Big or small, perky or floppy, symmetrical or lop-sided, we all do it! If there’s a mirror around, it’s a bonus!

10. Waxing your brows

Sure ripping off the wax strip hurts like a mother… but when you look at the back of that thing and it looks like a caterpillar? Mmhmmm!

11. Taking your bra off at the end of a long day

Or at any opportunity really! But it’s such an amazing feeling to set ‘the girls’ free after they’ve been cooped up for hours!

12. Pulling your hair out of the bath drain

Who knew that much of the stuff falls out of your head and gets lodged in the shower plug?

13. Leaving your leg hair to grow

Shaving every day is such a freakin’ pain, and nobody sees them for most of the winter anyway!

14. Rewatching old Disney movies

We’ve all shed a few tears to kids movies aged 25, admit it! Mufasa nooooooo!

15. Have a made-up argument in your head

At least that’s the kind of argument you can guarantee you’ll win! Bring home the ‘W’ against your boyfriend or mom or b*tch from work.

16. Pulling hair out of your hairbrush

We all leave it all for as long as possible, right? It’s not because we’re all lazy, it’s secretly because we’re saving up a huge clump to rip out all at once!

17. Pulling your tights right up to your bra

Yup, get the whole tummy in there! Whether for the slimming properties or the insulation, I have no idea why this is such a great feeling!

18. Looking at your make up wipe after you used it

How does that stuff get to being that color? I’m sure it was about the tone of my freakin’ skin when it went on!

19. Going to bed with no underwear after your period ends

You never appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. Once a month.

20. Taking your off heels after a long night out

Or a long day in work, if you wear heels there! You never know how sore your feet have gotten until you pop those shoes off.

21. Wearing makeup from the previous day

Who the freakin’ heck can be bothered putting on a whole new face of make up just for those losers at work to see? Just fall asleep in the stuff and touch up in the morning! Done! Plus an extra ten minutes in bed.

22. Climbing into bed with your legs shaved

Fresh sheets and clean PJs for an added bonus layer of satisfaction!

23. Plucking the longest eyebrow hair

The pain nourishes me!

24. Peeling your old nail varnish off your nail in one strip

Or popping that acrylic nail off of there! Yum!

25. Wearing a dressing gown over your clothes

Who cares if everybody stares, it’s so comfy!

Do you do any of these, or maybe you have your own super satisfying habit? Let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it!

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