7 Reasons You Should Take Your Best Friend For A Coffee Today

There’s nothing better than a coffee and a chat with your best friend. You get talking and the time just melts away as you remember why you’re such fantastic friends in the first place. There are a billion good excuses to treat your bestie to a coffee date today, but here are some of our favourites.

1. You need to vent

Sometimes you just gotta let it all out safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a friendly ear right there to listen to your problems. A problem shared is a problem halved, after all, and your best friend can turn even giant, dramatic issues into a whole lotta nothing!.

2. You need caffeine

You’re not doing so good at this awake thing today and you need to fix that. You need a big heaping helping of caffeine and you need it now. Why does your best friend need to be there with you? For emotional support, of course! You know how cranky you can get before your java.



3. It’s been a while.

Sometimes life can get in the way of even the best friendships, but today you can spend some time on that long overdue catch up. You know that the second you see your best buddy that it will be like you’ve never been apart, even if it’s been years!

4. You need to share ideas

You’ve got a bee in your bonnet about some new big project and you need to bounce ideas around with your bestie to make it the best it can be. What better way to share ideas than over a big steaming mug of coffee? It fuels your creativity, you know! You’ll have this whole thing hashed out in no time.

5. You think she could use a friend

When your bestie needs you, you just know it! It’s like a sixth sense or something, you know you have to be there for your friend and you’ll move hell and high water if you have to. Well today you don’t need to move high water, just hot water, right into your coffee cup with some cream and java. She’ll feel right as rain before you know it.

6. People are driving you crazy

Whether it’s your mother-in-law, your neighbour, or your co-worker, someone is driving you nuts and you just need to tell your best friend all about it! You know you’ll be able to deal with these idiots with her on your side. Look out you morons, me and my bestie are coming for you!

7. You just want to spend time with them

You just want to see your best friend and is there really a better reason than that? Call her up right now and get together for that brew, you’ll feel better when you do!

Who’s your best friend in the world? Leave us a comment and tell us all about them and why you want to take them for a coffee today. And don’t forget to share this article with all of your friends and family, they might get the hint and take you for a coffee too!

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