21 Super Annoying Photos That Will Deeply Upset Every Single Girl

If there’s one thing that’s annoying about being a girl, it’s that there isn’t just one annoying thing about being a girl.

It’s a thousand million billion different things that get to us, and grind us down day after day.

So when you finally snap, you know you’ll do it for real and go completely wild.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, and I think we have the solution to your problems.

Just take a look at these pictures of people experiencing those little annoyances first hand! Relate… then… take a big cleansing breath.

And then scream until you black out.

1. Breaking your nail like freakin’ THIS

Doesn’t every part of your soul go out to this poor woman?

2. Losing a braid or a hair extension

“Erm, excuse me ma’am but part of your hair just fell out” Oh! It happens all the time when you have leprosy, dear! Hope you didn’t touch it when you picked it up, byeee!

3. Trailing a big ol’ piece of TP behind you on your way out of the bathroom

I ask you ladies, is there anything worse in LIFE?!

4. Spilling some or your most expensive makeup…

On one of your most expensive possessions. It’s a double threat, people!

5. The underwire coming out of your bra while it’s in use

It’s an added layer of irony that the thing stabs you right in the heart.

6. When your compact decides to give up on life

What exactly happened here, did a drought suddenly hit or something.

7. Accidentally tucking your skirt into your underwear

Why does nobody point it out to you on your way out of the bathroom? How come it’s always three and a half hours later when you finally notice in a reflection!

8. Getting your hair so tangled in a bobble that you either have to cut the hair band or your hair

Or if you’re this poor girl, somebody destroys your hairband, gouges out your hair AND ruins your day.

9. Getting dry, chapped lips in the winter

It smarts like a b*tch and feels like your face is splitting open every time you smile… no wonder everybody looks so miserable in the winter.

10. In fact, getting your hair stuck in a lot of things is a daily struggle!

Will somebody please just pass the scissors and get this over and done with?

11. Getting red marks on your shoulder from your bra

You bustier ladies will know that after a day of carrying those things around, your bra can feel like it’s chewing into your skin!

12. You wanna know something, your hair just gets tangled in freakin’ ANYTHING

It’s like it’s magnetic or something… or magic. Well, more like cursed I guess.

13. Having an outfit that you loved with all your heart betray you

Next thing you know there’s flesh and boobs flying around and screaming and tears and children crying… it’s a total nightmare.

14. Torching your perfectly fine hair style in the quest for something fancier

Those curling irons don’t just hurt when they touch your skin, they hurt FEELINGS too, okay?

15. Using an eyelash curler

They look like medieval torture devices for a reason! Because they’re evil and they will rip every single one of your beautiful eyelashes out and mail them back to your mom one by one!

16. When you get an eyelash in your eye, but you don’t have a mirror with you

Last time this happened to me I was stumbling blindly through the streets for what seems like weeks. That was a character-building afternoon, let me tell you!

17. The first new pair of shoes you put on in summer MAULING your feet

So you have to go around with heels like this for the next 3 months!

18. Getting weird tan lines from your summer wardrobe

Ah heck, that will NEVER even out!

19. Of course there’s actually burning yourself with curling tongs or hair straighteners too

No matter if you want your hair sleek or styled, there’s a styling product ready to scald your skin!

20. Not just on your arm either!

Those things are MEANT to go on your head, why is it so easy to injure yourself like this please!

21. Leaving butt sweat everywhere you go… well, everywhere you sit anyway

I tell you, the guys just don’t have to handle problems like these!

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