23 Hilarious Notes That Parents Had To Leave For Their Kids

If there’s one thing that nobody ever said parenting was, it’s easy. They say it’ll be fun, rewarding, the happiest time of your life – all of which are lies – but definitely not one mention of the word easy.

You end up saying and doing the most bizarre things, that you could never imagine yourself doing before you had kids.

Who else would keep a tissue full of spit-up food in their pocket until it goes dry and crusty and you find it in your jeans pocket on laundry day two weeks later?

When else other than when you’re on mom or dad duty would you ever say, “do not put your finger up that dog’s butt, leave it alone!”.

Some of the things you have to write down are just as freakin’ weird. No more, ‘Gone to the store back in 30 mins x’.

Nope, that’s just not crazy enough, as you’ll find out!

1. I wonder which order these notes go in?

Either Eric has really turned his life around and he only needs to worry about garage doors and sunscreen now… or he has REALLY gone off the rails.

2. If you ever needed any more proof that there’s a difference between mom’s and dad’s style of parenting

Mom will keep going until she finds a sandwich you like. Dad will just make it one and jam it in your face until you eat it.

3. Hey, can I get a note like this for the kitchen at work?

Either that or my mom can follow me around everywhere.

4. This mom seems awfully chilled out – maybe her kid should check if all their ‘hemp’ is still there

I love how this mom is more focused on her missing clear tape than the illegal drugs that she found in her son or daughter’s pocket.

5. No mom, it isn’t

Here’s a mom who owns up to her mistakes. She could’ve even blamed dad for eating all the snacks, but she’s taking the moral high road here. Good for her!

6. Ice, ice baby!

I can tell there’s a long backstory behind this that the kids probably find really boring and roll their eyes at. But being a parent is pretty much a thousand of these little annoyances every day for 18 years for goodness sakes!

7. Modern parenting isn’t about using the naughty step, it’s about changing the Wi-Fi password

From the header that’s still left on the page, I’d say you’re safe kids, this guy doesn’t seem like the world’s greatest IT geek to me. I’d call his bluff.

8. This will be tough to explain when the neighbors call the cops

Wait, is it… is it still LIGHT outside? How freakin’ early is this poor kid’s curfew?

9. Did you notice anything strange about the priest’s sermon this week?

Well, there was a lot more slurred words and cursing than usual… but other than that, why do you ask?

10. Well here’s one door that’s begging to be knocked on

You had better believe I would bang on that thing and run away!

11. That’s quite some birthday present!

Sheesh, and I thought I’d had some crappy birthdays in my life. At least my mom started the note again when the pen began to run out!

12. To guarantee a shiver down the spine of your kid, try this trick…

That’s really hitting them when they least expect it, you’ll be able to feel their reaction using your mom senses!

13. This parent hit her kid right in the ovaries with this one…

Figuratively speaking, of course.

14. Some day, your mom will stop writing you notes like these…

I’m just saying kiddo, enjoy it while it lasts, cos it doesn’t last forever!

15. Supermarkets can be scary places

When your mom can’t handle something, you know that thing is pretty serious.

16. Sometime parents just reach the end of their tether and you can’t push them any further

I love the smiley face that she’s drawn at the end of this note. It’s meant to look cheery but it just looks sinister instead.

17. Parents are really embracing technology as a way of punishing their children

It’s a beautiful thing to see, parents getting with the times in order to screw their kids over.

18. That fish looks like it leads a pretty sad life

No food… only a bunch of books protecting it from a cat attack… leaving suicidal notes…

19. Who are you kidding, mom?

You think all those fillings your kids had to get is because of carrot-related incidents?

20. You’ve got to love this mom’s honesty

She couldn’t just have said, “Had to go to hospital, nothing serious, don’t worry, love Mom x”, oh no!

21. Seems like Joshua leads a colorful life

If you have to write your kid a note telling them not to drink and drive, I think you really need to sit down and have a long talk with them instead.

22. You should really talk to the throat punch lady

You know, spend some time together discussing your anger issues, maybe attend the same therapy class. Stuff like that.

23. As parents, we sometimes have to deal with some embarrassing issues

If it’s not an infant’s diaper blowout, it’s… um… this. Sometimes it’s better just to deal with this stuff through a note… but there’s already been one awkward family meeting, why not call another?

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