24 Hilarious Tweets Only Coffee Lovers Will Relate To

Coffee is a magical substance that resurrects us back from the dead after a night out on the town.

It’s proof that magic exists in the world, proof that there is still some hope.

Coffee is liquid sanity, it turns my ‘Go away’ into ‘Good morning’.

It helps make the thought of going to work more doable, and it makes the day go just a little quicker.

In all honesty, coffee is like a hug in a mug, and it’s beautiful.

Seriously, is there nothing this magical liquid can’t do?

Still, don’t believe me? Then here are a few reasons why coffee is magical.

Listen Up Starbucks

Take note Starbucks, if we want to drink a million calories in under ten minutes, we at least deserve a double whisky in there!

Scribbles On Coffee Cups

Dear Starbucks employees, why can’t you write or spell my name properly?

8 Glasses A Day

Why is drinking 8 cups of coffee easy but drinking 8 glasses of water seems impossible.

Take The Day Off

Perhaps you and your wife should just move into a coffee shop?

Smallest Mug

When it comes to coffee, size always matters.

Smelling Colors

Coffee crashes are the scariest thing in the world, especially if you start smelling colors. It’s crazy!

It’s Morning Somewhere!

I honestly think this has become my new moto. Long life coffee!

Coffee Please!

I have a husband and I could still do with someone who could do that!

Coffee Quiter

Whenever I consider quiting coffee, I think about what my mom always told me… Quitters never win.

Me Before Coffee

Me before coffee is a terrifying thing. It’s almost like I become a vampire.

Silent Screams

Give me coffee, PLEASE!

Coffee Flashback

Coffee is a magical thing, it helps us remember all those important things in life that we originally missed out on….

A Warm Alternative

Personally speaking I prefer drinking coffee and hating everybody. It’s a good look for me.

A Circle Of Coffee

This is the curse all coffee lovers understand all too well…

Selfish Coffee Maker

If you really loved me coffee maker than you wouldn’t have broken down on me!

Wrong Lid

Is it just me, or do we all struggle with this too?

Slow Burner

How can he even drink that stuff? How does he stay awake?!


I hope she didn’t put laxatives in it…

Magic Coffee

That was an unexpected surprise but I bet he’s so happy with it!

Hot, Iced, But Not Room Tempreature

When it’s hot, it’s the best thing in the world, when it’s iced it’s the perfect summer drink. But when it’s room temperature it tastes like betrayal.

Nothing so wonderful should taste so disappointing! What kind of mockery is this?! Stop playing games with my heart coffee!

Another Cup Please

I have a love hate relationship with coffee… I love it, but it hates me.

Hot And Careless

I like my coffee like I like my men, bland…

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