28 Pictures That Show How Crazy Japan Can Be!

Japan is such a cool country. “Why?” I hear you ask… let me tell you.

For a start, it’s made up of thousands of islands – 6,852, to be exact. All these islands make for some beautiful scenery and also a country that is made up of loads of places with their own unique character.

It’s a popular country too. It’s the 11th largest population in the world with over 127 million inhabitants.

However, living in Japan does come with some risks.

It sits on an area of the ocean which is known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. Terrifying, right?

It means any country sitting on it will experience a lot of volcanoes and earthquakes.

For example, in 2011 Japan was hit by an earthquake that had a magnitude of 9. This in turn caused a tsunami which resulted in huge devastation and loss of life.

Being a country of islands, surrounded by the sea, it only makes sense that the Japanese love to eat fish. Who can blame then too? It’s so tasty!

Despite their love for healthy food, the national sport of Japan is sumo wrestling.

If your unfamiliar with the sport, then imagine two big people battling it out while wearing a tiny black diaper. It’s very entertaining!

As Japan’s terrain is mostly forest or mountain, making farming very difficult in the country.

In Japan, modern technology often clashes with tradition. That’s what gives the country it’s incredibly unique look.

Japan is famed for it’s crazy inventions. But while they may seem a bit bizarre at first, they prove themselves to be very practical.

I managed to find a number of crazy photos online that perfectly sums up Japan’s crazy culture!

Check them out for yourself!

Crying Baby

Traditionally in Japan, a baby must be made to cry during a sumo wrestle.

Funky Mannequins 

I wish our mannequins looks like this! This would make shopping so much more fun!

Real Life Superheroes 

Superheroes are a common occurrence in Japan, with countless people waiting to seize the day and do some good!


As you can see, Halloween in Japan is pretty crazy!

Cubicle Hotels

You can rent a cubicle in Japan for $50 a night!

Rent A Room

If you don’t plan on staying the whole night, you could rent a room in the Love Hotel by the hour.

Reptor Receptionist

Ok Japan, you have impressed me!

Sleeping Anywhere

The main profession of alcoholics in Japan is that of a salesman. Many find drinking is the only way to deal with the stress of their job.

Oh Deer

If you wonder into the city centre, you’ll often find deer wondering the place. Pretty neat, right?

Dog Rest Room

What can I say? Japan loves it’s pets! This also reduces the amount of forgotten dog poop.

Fish Food

Fish pedicures are also very popular in Japan. Would you try one?

Snail Facial

Regular snail facials are seen as the key to achieving the perfect look in Japan.

Leg Pillows

These are pillows designed for lonely business men.

Odd Choice

Anyone fancy trying this look at home? No? I thought not.

Still No?

Yeah, I’m still not tempted with this look!

Lots Of Flavors

The Japanese are in love with Kit Kats and have a bunch of crazy flavors!


They even have Kit Kat pizzas! Now that’s crazy!

Squared Up

Yes, that’s real. In Japan you can buy a square watermelon.

Christmas KFC

If you’re interested in Christmas then you should grab a Japanese KFC Christmas box!

Sexy Nugget

I don’t know why, but they decided to put big boobs on a piece of chicken!

Vending Machine

There are an awful lot of vending machines in Japan.

Hot Food Venders

You can even buy actual hot meals in Japan using a vending machine.

And Beer

Beer too!

Even Banana Venders

You can even buy a banana from a vending machine if you want a quick snack!

Musical Toilet

Not only do Japanese toilets wash your butt, but they’ll also play your favorite songs!

Lots Of Rabbits

The Japanese love animals, even rabbits!

Freaky Fish

Is that fish real or is it a monster?

Crazy TV

Japan is also famous for it’s crazy game shows.

Dragon On The Run

One Japanese celebrity was chased by a komodo dragon! I’d hate to do that!

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