22 Photos Of Obvious Mistakes That Were Never Put Right

We’re only human, so we all make mistakes. Well, I can’t speak for you, but I’m only human, anyway.

You might be some kind of super intelligent cat who learned how to read and use an iPhone, I don’t know. But even if you are, chances are you still make a mistake or two.

Some mistakes are more obvious than others. Maybe if you run a website and you spell something wrnog, millions of people will… ah, cr*p.

Anyway, my point is, sometimes you can make a mistake, and people will never notice the difference. But some errors are so blinding obvious that you’d struggle to miss them.

But still people make slips, blunders and gaffes that they just walk away from! They must figure that nobody will ever know it was them, so they’ll never get in trouble for it.

Well, I got news for you bub! We’re onto you! Just take a look at some of these offenders!

1. Sorry kid, but a window seat is extra

Can I interest you in a bag of peanuts, or an extra pillow? Well those are extra too, ya cheapskate!

2. Who the heck was this delivery courier, MacGyver?

Way to barricade my into my house, genius! Well at least this is just a minor convenience I guess, I’ll just go out of my back door and pick up my parcel.

3. Whereas this poor sap had no choice but to call maintenance to bust them out!

You’d have to be the descendant of Harry Houdini or Steve freakin’ McQueen to escape from this situation with no help!

4. I’ll be right over, what floor do you live on?

Rent is a lot cheaper on the telephone floor. Those people on upside-down-two floor are nightmare neighbors though!

5. Art is all about your interpretation of what you see

There are no right or wrong answers about art! Whatever you think is totally fine. Apart from whoever put this up. They were definitely wrong.

6. Wow, I didn’t know The Incredible Hulk was such a fan of Kit Kats!

Whoever did this really needs to have a quiet word with themselves. They obviously have problems and my Kit Kat is not a health outlet for it, thank you.

7. Let’s go find another bathroom, honey

Well this looks like a quick and easy way of getting arrested. Let’s face it, whichever one you go into, you’re gonna choose the wrong one.

8. If everybody gets something wrong, does that make it right?

I don’t know who to blame here, the drivers or the person who painted all the lines on the pavement!

9. Aww come on, that’s just cruel

On a side note, does that mean that the street lighting and the TV cable are in the wrong places? I don’t want to be cut off midway through my favorite episode of Iron Chef.

10. I guess they had run out of road bricks

Because neither of these would fill that gap either! This is like the most infuriating game of Tetris in history!

11. Didn’t this used to drive you mad in school?

You had one job, pencil eraser! The clue is in the freakin’ title! You’re. A. Pencil. Eraser! You’re not meant to make more of a mess of the mistake that I already made! I’m trying to make things better here, not way, way worse!

12. Well, everything about this is wrong

I know that exercise makes you more flexible, but I think that’s just giving people unrealistic goals.

13. Imagine your new cooker arriving and it looks like this!

Nope, nope, nope! Box it up and send it back, I don’t give a cr*p whether or not it works perfectly well like this!

14. Whoever was in charge of the Window Gun that day needs more practice

That’s how you get windows in a building, right? You fire them right in there.

15. Oh my gosh, I don’t even know what these things are but this would drive me insane

There’s nothing to it but to tip them all out and sort them by hand. Yes, I’m that much of a perfectionist, okay?!

16. This oven stops the drawer from opening

Or does the drawer stop the… no, it’s definitely the oven’s fault, lets not blame innocent drawers here.

17. Didn’t you also used to hate THIS when it happened at school?

No wait, this has never happened in the history of the world.

18. Call the men in white coats, there’s a lunatic on the loose

Who the heck does this, that’s what I wanna know!

19. Wow, the person in charge of packaging really nailed it that day

In fact, the only way of doing this any worse would be to literally nail it together.

20. It’s usually great to do your own thing, and I definitely respect that

But why go through the trouble of bothering to draw outlines around your pans if you’re just gonna ignore them all?

21. Those knees are made for bending, Aidan! So get busy!

I guess that’s what you’d call tall people problems. You should see the guy in shoe stores, they lock the doors when they see him coming.

22. What came first, the paving or the trees?

Wow, those things must be buried deep!

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