Single Mother Who Bought Her Son $75 Shoes Says School Threatened Him If She Didn’t Replace Them In A Week

Getting dress coded at school is something that has been around for years. Probably you remember it from when you were young, or maybe you know about it from your kids or grandkids’ school.

It’s nothing new, and most days kids come and go from school without any problems.

If they do get dress coded, it’s usually about something major. Maybe it’s about an item of clothing that was far too revealing, or maybe something with an offensive slogan.

Other schools can be more strict, especially ones with uniforms. If you wear the wrong color, or perhaps a banned textile like denim or leather for example, you can get in trouble.

Kids can even be sent home to change.

So some schools can definitely be fairly strict with their dress codes, and different schools willl have different opinions on what they think is appropriate for their students to wear.


But this week single parent Kellie McGowan says her son Colby has been threatened by his school in Gloucester, England because of the shoes she bought him to wear.

Mom Kellie has been told by school administrators that her son will be put into isolation if she does not replace his new $75 shoes – all because they look too much like trainers.

Fourteen-year-old Colby attends Severn Vale School in the UK, and his mom treated him to a brand new pair of Kickers Tovni Lacers after reading a letter from the school explaining the new uniform rules before the start of term.

But after Colby arrived at school in his new shoes, Kellie was suddenly told that she must replace her 14-year-old son’s Kickers Tovnie Lacers within a week.

But after buying the new shoes for $75, the single mom now says she can’t afford to replace the shoes that she was sure would stick to the school’s new dress code.

She says that the whole reason that she bought the particular style of shoe was because it was listed on a school letter of acceptable footwear.

Colby has now been told he would be put in isolation if he continues to wear the offending shoes. He has been given a temporary replacement pair by teachers at the school in the meantime.

Colby’s mum says that the workers at the store where she bought the shoes were horrified when she told them that her sun was threatened by the school with isolation for wearing the shoes.

The administrators had warned parents that there would be consequences if their kids attended school wearing the wrong uniform at Severn Vale School.

But still Kellie has now been told that she has a week to replace her son’s shoes or he will be put into isolation.

Mom Kellie works two jobs to support her son, and says she would definitely not have bought the shoes if she thought they were against dress code. She read the letter thoroughly sent by school authorities before she bought Colby his new school shoes.

Principal of the school Richard Johnson told reporters, “We told parents that we expected school shoes to mean school shoes”.

He continued, “We also told parents that if a student came to school in unacceptable shoes we would replace them with a pair provided by the school. Most parents have found that buying school shoes is significantly cheaper than buying branded trainer style shoes”.

So what does all that mean? Is it okay for a school to decide that even though a certain style of shoes isn’t actually against their dress code, a child deserves to be punished for wearing them?

Or do you think Kellie was wrong to invest in such an expensive pair of shoes, when there are cheaper alternatives, and they could possibly have been against the school’s dress code?

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