Some People Are Born With Small Holes Above Their Ears

It’s important to look after ourselves, especially when we’re getting older.

A healthy body and mind is the key to a full and happy life.

After all, what’s the point of living if you aren’t able to do anything?

I’m aware I’m no spring chicken, but I make sure I (try to) eat as healthy as a can on a some what regular basis, and I do the odd bit of exercise here and there.

If I plan on being around for a long time I have to be fit enough to fight Death away!

It’s just another reminder about how incredible our bodies really are.

I mean our bodies work around the clock to keep us alive. They enable us to do some pretty incredible things like climb, walk, run, dance and even breath.

Without my body I would hate to think what I’d be or how I’d manage (because I know, deep down, that I wouldn’t!)

Most of us, though similar, have differences.

Some people are born with different eye or hair colors, some people are born with birth marks, webbed fingers.

It’s pretty crazy!

There are some people who are born short, and some who are born really tall.

It’s these differences that help make the world go round, and it proves that we really are weird and wonderful creatures!

But there are some differences that are very strange and hard to understand.

I mean, why do these differences exist? I know variety is the spice of life, but why?

One of these mind boggling differences is around your ears.

Some people are born with small holes, the size of a pin’s head.

Currently in the UK, roughly 1% of the country has this hole just above their ear, but in some areas of the country, it can be closer to 1 in 10.

Some cultures from around the world suggest that the holes attract wealth, but of course this is simply superstition!

The holes usually appear at the point where the ear cartilage connects to the face and it can look like ‘nodules, dents and dimples’.

Although it looks like the hole has been pierced, they are definitely not!

Is the hole dangerous?

Most likely? No. But there is a chance it could put your health at risk.

This tiny hole could become infected, but the chance of that happening is low, and it can easily be cured with antibiotics.

The first ever record of this odd birth defect was in 1864, when it was recorded in the US National Library of Medicine.

They are typically hereditary and show up during early fetal development.

Nobody knows why they appear but some people believe it’s evidence that there was a sub species of humans who had fish gills.

But honestly, this small hole doesn’t mean the person is an alien, or a fish man.

It just means they have a strange thing called a preauricular sinus.

As I said early, roughly 1% of the population of the UK has the strange defect, whereas in America, the amount of people who have this rare defect is less.

However, in Asia and Africa, the percentage can range from four to ten percent.

The malformation is just another form of dimple or dent in the skin above the ear.

While it’s not dangerous, you have to admit that it is a tad odd!

The preauricular sinus is a genetic defect that was first documented back in 1864 by Doctor Van Heusinger.

While preauricular sinus is usually spotted on only one side of the face, it’s actually more common for it to be on both sides of a person’s face.

Evolutionary biologist, Neil Shubin believes that preauricular sinus is an ‘evolutionary remnant of fish gills.’ However, it’s really nothing to worry about.

A preauricular sinus is one of those weird features only a small percentage of the world suffers from, which leaves many of thinking it’s just a weird and oddly placed piercing.

However, it’s strongly advised that you don’t put any jewellery or earrings in if you have one!

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